At Attop warehousing, we understand that everything you buy has to be stored somewhere until it's sold, which is why there is always a demand for warehouse candidate. Warehouses act as a holding bay between producers and customers, storing anything from machinery to foodstuffs, clothes, electronic gadgets, furniture and much more.
All the warehouse staff we provide knows they will usually be responsible for taking delivery of fresh goods and ensuring they're stored correctly, processing and packing orders for goods, maintaining records and inventories to ensure stock levels remain optimal and taking good care of to ensure they are not damaged or broken during their time there. Even when your warehouse work involves in challenging environments,



At Attop security, we provide security officers for concierge, retail, construction, events and Industrial premises. A growing number of organisations have security personnel in place not only to protect their goods and staff, but also to ensure the safety and wellbeing of visitors. Our security officers are well-presented, have strong interpersonal skills and have a genuine desire to help others- just the sort of people you want in this highly visible, front line role.
All our security officers are well trained and they are SIA license registered, which means completing and passing a suitably accredited training course.
Although the traditional image of security work is one where danger and fisticuffs are

Attop Group is a professional and specialist recruitment organisation that specialises in the recruitment services of Legal, Engineering, Construction, Security and Warehousing.  We are a thriving recruitment company aiming to deliver a customised service that matches the right candidate with the right jobs, creating a win-win situation.

With a strong track record of filling vacancies quickly with high-calibre individuals, we are the provider of choice for a growing number of organisations that want a quick, effective and cost efficient solution for their recruitment needs.


Whether you're looking for an experienced trade professional (a carpenter, plumber, electrician, signaller or traffic marshal), or someone with experience of construction management or project development, we can help. In addition to staff who can fill roles for building contractors and their team, we can also find suitable applicants for those jobs which don't involve on-site work all day, every day. Construction professionals such as architects, planners, surveyors, engineers and consultants all play a key role in the process and we have got a good selection of each on our books who are ready for a rapid start.Some of our construction workers will be graduates who have been attracted

Engineers work in a wide variety of roles, using technical skills and science to enable industries to overcome technical challenges. Their job is to create fresh ideas and solutions, then use their expertise to put them into practice, maintaining and managing technology so that it continues to perform well and achieve its intended outcomes. Although some engineers are generalists, most tend to specialise in a particular industry, or a specific role.
At Attop Group we have got a wide range of engineers, whether you are looking for electrical engineers, it engineers, access control engineers, mechanical engineer, structural engineers or you need an engineer that is experienced in research and

At Attop Legal, because a legal career is such a demanding option, we are never short of solicitors, legal executives, paralegal and other legal professionals on our books. Many people opt for a legal career because they want the challenges and rewards which working within a successful legal practice can bring.The solicitors we have will usually have completed a degree, as well as postgraduate study and extensive work experience while having gained some PQE. The Paralegals we have available are competent in all their duties normally required from solicitors' assistants: compiling reports; attending conferences; researching relevant information and generally offering a support service. When we recruit Paralegals, we check that they have a good level of legal knowledge - many of the suitable candidates we find will be newly qualified law graduates with some work experience

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