Attop Engineering

Engineers work in a wide variety of roles, using technical skills and science to enable industries to overcome technical challenges. Their job is to create fresh ideas and solutions, then use their expertise to put them into practice, maintaining and managing technology so that it continues to perform well and achieve its intended outcomes. Although some engineers are generalists, most tend to specialise in a particular industry, or a specific role.

At Attop Group we have got a wide range of engineers, whether you are looking for electrical engineers, it engineers, access control engineers, mechanical engineer, structural engineers or you need an engineer that is experienced in research and development, we can help. Some of our engineers are also experienced in production processes and troubleshooting systems in order to improve them while keeping existing machinery in good condition and repairing anything that goes wrong.

Our engineering applicants will either hold a relevant degree with work experience or have undertaking an engineering apprenticeship (where applicants train in a particular field, “earning and learning” at the same time) or have other industry relevant qualifications. Depending on your vacancy, we may have a candidate who has worked in a related field, bringing added value to your organisation. Our recruitment consultants are committed to finding you a candidate that is an exact match for your requirements. If you are looking for that high-calibre engineer that will deliver success, it's time to see who we have got available.

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