Attop Construction

Whether you're looking for an experienced trade professional (a carpenter, plumber, electrician, signaller or traffic marshal), or someone with experience of construction management or project development, we can help. In addition to staff who can fill roles for building contractors and their team, we can also find suitable applicants for those jobs which don't involve on-site work all day, every day. Construction professionals such as architects, planners, surveyors, engineers and consultants all play a key role in the process and we have got a good selection of each on our books who are ready for a rapid start.

Some of our construction workers will be graduates who have been attracted by professions such as engineering or architecture and are looking for the opportunity to work on different type of construction projects, for example residential properties, larger, multi-storey complexes, retail outlets or the creation of ambitious redevelopment schemes to transform harbours, motorway networks or housing estates. We can also provide large numbers of appropriately trained and experienced labourers, bricklayers and other site workers, meeting your need for manpower quickly and easily.

We know that building contractors and developers are the people who actually put the bricks and mortar in place to transform plans into a stunning reality. Many of the jobs on-site are specialist and require experienced, skilled personnel, particularly when working in challenging environments. Builders working at height, for example, require specialist instruction to enable them to work safely. Health and safety legislation means that workers need appropriate training and equipment so that they are able to work safely and employers are required to supply this. We ensure that everyone we send to an employer for consideration, from labourers through to plumbers, electricians, plasterers, pipe fitters and other specialist trades, all have the right experience and certifications to work safely on your project.

Many jobs in construction field are temporary – often just for the duration of the project. Some jobs may be part-time or paid on completion of a particular piece of work. Our candidates know what to expect when they undertake construction work and our skilled recruitment consultants can surely find temporary workers that are able to start quickly, enabling you to consistently meet your deadlines.

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