Our winning combination of extensive advertising and the significant number of job seekers on our books enables us to quickly draw on a large pool of able and willing individuals. We are dedicated to providing both job seekers and employers a premium recruitment experience.

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About us

At Attop group, whether you are an employer looking for top grade candidate to deliver your goals, or an employee seeking a rewarding and challenging role within a successful company, we can surely find a way to meet your needs. We are a thriving recruitment company aiming to deliver a customised service that matches the right people with the right jobs, creating a win-win situation. With a strong track record of filling vacancies quickly with high-calibre individuals, we are the provider of choice for a growing number of organisations that want a quick, effective and cost efficient solution for their recruitment needs.

As we do the initial selection and interviewing ourselves, we save you time on your recruitment process. Our enthusiastic, skilled team are committed to finding you the perfect staff without time consuming and costly advertising involved. Whether you have a temporary vacancies or posts which are traditionally hard to fill, we can without a doubt provide you with a set of suitable candidates that matches your company needs.